Silver & True Blue Battle Los Angeles

“The Graffiti House and Ink Stains presents a really awesome event that you cannot miss! The Silver and True Blue Graffiti Battle. It is going down on Saturday January 19, 213 starting at 2pm. A $1000 gift will be presented to the winner; this is going to be a tough one though since every Graffiti Artist that is part of this line up has great talent and skills luckily the judges they have on panel has also the talent and expertise in the field which is great to know that this event is very well organized and cannot wait to see how it develops and who the grand winner will be. The way the battle is et up is like this, participants are only allowed to use Silver and Blue Spray Cans which by the way have been sponsored my MTN Montana Spray Cans. They can only use words, no charachters or designs just plain Graffiti letters which makes this even more legit; to go back to the foundation of the early years of Graffiti which only consisted of writing their names on walls”.-  Monica Smiles



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