San Diego Judges

Dyse – TCR… In 1986 hitting the streets to go bombing meant freedom for Dyse. He did’nt try to escape poverty, he reinvented it to the sound of Swap Meet mix tapes. Dyse found little interest in high school art classes, but perfected his personal style to a point that surpassed most of his peers. While still at Montgomery high School in South San Diego, Dyse began working for a number of clothing companies, including Tribal Street Wear. This led to a job with Fox Television where he won an Emmy Award for creative advertising at the young age of 16. To this day he still works in the clothing industry with a number of companies, including his own label, DyseOne Clothing.
Pose2 – FX… In 1976 he adopted the tag Pose2 and graffiti became the cornerstone of his style. As an original member of the FX Crew, Pose has propelled his style and influence outside the States. Amsterdam, Belgium, Paris and Japan have all been blessed with his murals and exhibitions. A “Prophet of self-education”, he describes his mission as, “to change the negative point of view held by critics who lack any real insight about graffiti and the impact it has in the world.”
Chosen…Coming to the Linda Vista area in San Diego from Los Angeles in 1982, I had already witnessed and participated in graffiti with marks-a lot markers and spray paint. My first New York style piece came in the summer of 1984 when I was thirteen years old on a wall facing the canyon trail I used to walk to and from school. It read Paradise with a palm tree next to it, it ran forever. I wrote ZEEN at the time and started AOT crew (Artists of Tomorrow). This was the summer of 1985 and met a lot of originators of San Diego Graffiti at the time. I have been in the scene sporadically since then and I’m still bombing, piecing, traveling and writing my name.

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