Official Rules


Artist rules:

  1. This is a Letter only battle, which means NO CHARACTERS, either outside or inside your letters and your letters themselves CAN NOT be turning into a character.
  2. NO background.
  3. Each artist will receive 8 cans; 3 silvers, 2 True Blues, 2 of the artist choice of color and 1 can (color will be determined by the color of the wall) to cut back with, this color can ONLY be used to cut back with, NOTHING ELSE.
  4. Only use the paint that is assigned to you, no outside paint.
  5. Artist MUST stay inside of assigned space given.
  6. Piece MUST be filled in silver and outlined in True Blue with color of artist choice to be used as a complementary color.
  7. Artist MUST complete the piece in the 6 hours allocated to paint.

All rules must be followed to avoid disqualification. Judges will be judging you in four categories; Originality (6 points), Style (5 points), technique (5 points), use of space (4 points), for a total of 20 points. The artist with the most points after all three judges points are added will be the winner. In case of a tie, the remaining artist will judge the tie pieces using the same 4 category, 20 point system.


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