Piece Magazine: Interview with Besk Uno

Piece Magazine

Besk Uno LOD UCA had a sit down with Piece Magazine to talk a little bit more about this upcoming event of Silver and True Blue Battle San Diego. In this story enjoy a dope gallery of images from behind the scenes of the Silver and True Blue Battle San Diego Promo video, which took place at the Tee Shirt Spot in Los Angeles Califas. Along with some of the contestants from the Silver and True Blue Battle Los Angeles. Pryer SKA, UTI, WCA. Dersk ICR, Calvyrus DVC and Ider CH. If you don’t know who Piece Magazine is you must check them out, it is a new and upcoming magazine that works along with the Graff and Music communities. Bringing nothing but the uncut lifestyle of Graffiti life and documenting the freshest pieces around Southern California as well as bringing to the masses music events and art shows, so check them out!

Follow the story by the click of your mouse on this link!


Thanks and see you all 16 Days!


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