Interview withThreatski HEM TPA Crew

image3So as we get ready to launch yet another Silver and True Blue Battle Event, this time around in the San Diego Area. You might all be wondering who is behind all the hard work in San Diego Califas; who else is connecting the links from San Diego to Los Angeles?

We got the chance to speak with ThreatSki, the man making this happen; from connecting with the Graffiti Writers that will be battling to locking down the location in which this is all going to take place. His commitment and excitement towards the success of this Silver and True Blue Battle San Diego deserves its proper acknowledgement and respects!

Orale so here we go!

Smiles: So you can start off by telling us who you are and what you rep.

Threat: Chingon! I write ThreatSki, originally from Tijuana, live in San Diego. I push Hecho En Mexico Crew and The Public Animals Queens.

Smiles: So how you came about getting involved with the Silver and True Blue Battle San Diego?

Threat: I met Besk a few years back at his shop, when one of our members had some art for a show he was doing. We hit it off and have been in contact ever since. He’s the one who approached me about the battle in SD.

He called me and said he wanted to do a Silver and True Blue Battle like the one he did in LA, but in SD this time. He said” I know you and trust that you can make it happen.”

Smiles: So what is your role?

Threat: I scouted the artists, helped with the sponsors, recruited the judges, found the local vendors and locked down the spot.

Smiles: That is dope! Because everybody here in the Los Angeles area cannot wait for this go down.

Threat: The writers are super excited ! They can’t wait to give it all they have! We are a small city so this is big for everyone involved in SD.

Smiles:  So did you get the chance to attend the Los Angeles Silver and True Blue Battle?

Threat:  I didnt’s. I never knew it happened. Shame on you Besk!

Smiles: Well it was a huge success!  The media coverage made it accessible for everyone to view as well. Have you had great feedback for media press for SD?

Threat: Yes, the local underground magazines will be covering it too. I’m just looking forward to making more amigos from LA. I am excited to meet everyone and have a good time! We have a special place for the LA Writers to paint.

Smiles: Oh yeah in regards to that, how is the layout of the space?

Threat: It’s a warehouse with roll down doors, so lots of ventilation. It is a two-story space. The second story is for the LA dudes to rock! Also, a big parking lot for the vendors. There is also going to be Live silk screening.

Smiles: Sounds really dope and I know this is going to be another great success for the Silver and True Blue Battle.

So Threat, I want to thank you for sharing some inside scoop with the public on the most anticipated Graffiti event in San Diego and Los Angeles!. Is there anything else you want to add?

Threat: I want people to know that San Diego -Tijuana welcomes you with open arms! We aren’t the biggest city but we have a beautiful one and can’t wait to show everyone a good time! …and for all the beer dudes, we have the most breweries in the nation ! Haha


3 thoughts on “Interview withThreatski HEM TPA Crew

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  2. Great to see Threat-ski doing his thing and moving up in the positive promotion and direction of the art. Long live The Public Animals! Way to go, Threat, TPA!

  3. Great interview! looks like Threat is taking the art to new heights and SD and the rest of the graffiti culture should be proud of him…The Public Animals sure are

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